WeDo Project Intelligence Made Easy, Spain

WeDo specializes in the management of complex, distributed international research and innovation projects. Based in Barcelona, the company works with the public and private sectors, applying a strategic, holistic lean project management approach to creating effective collaborative frameworks for results-driven decision-making. Its multi-disciplinary team of skilled professionals has broad experience in international collaborative projects and EC-funded initiatives since FP6 (ICT, health, environment, NMP, IMI-JU, SSH, SWAFs). In the CPW project, WeDo is the Communications, Dissemination, and Outreach work package leader.

Since 2004 Ángel Honrado has worked as a Project Manager in the planning, management, and implementation of collaborative and multidisciplinary research projects, with total funding of ~ €95M. He has been directly involved in the preparation and management of more than 80 R&I proposals presented to the EC. He has also worked in the development and implementation of communication and outreach strategies (including the organization of workshops and international conferences). Co-founder and Public Funding Manager of FreeOx Biotech S.L., a start-up developing a neuroprotective treatment that prevents damage caused by reperfusion after stroke, based on the results of clinical research.

Ángel Honrado

Mario Magaña is an expert in project communications, graphic design, and visual thinking. With a Bachelor’s in Art (2004), a Master’s degree in Corporate Communication (2020), and director of communications at WeDo, MM contributes more than 15 years of experience in visual communication and design. He developed communication plans and tools for 14 research projects, including FP6, FP7, and H2020, where he applied his experience in project branding and editing, communication tools and actions, social media management, and outreach material. He contributes to Projects by designing, monitoring, and updating the communication plans in collaboration with partners and stakeholders. He also designs tools for outreach (newsletter, social media, videos, leaflets, clinical study pack) and supports outreach Project actions in general (Stakeholder forum meetings, development of training material and actions, and final project conference). He coordinates the internal communications of each Project within WeDo, assisting in the development and implementation of tools, templates, procedures, and best practices (e.g. agenda and minutes, PowerPoint, SharePoint).

Mario Magaña

Mireia Manent is Co-founder and CEO. Psychologist and MBA graduate by University Pompeu Fabra. She has broad experience in the planning, coordination, and management of complex research projects, specializing in the biomedical sector, and in contact with both the national and the international funding landscape. She has collaborated with foundations, biotech companies, research centres, and universities in leading/contributing to multi-year, cross-theme, multi-cultural, and multidisciplinary research projects. With broad experience in communication strategies, large meetings, conference organisation, and training planning and execution on topics related to EU-funded opportunities, proposal preparation, and project management.

Mireia Manent Blanch

Maria Pia Aristimuño is a Biologist, MsC in Molecular Genetics and Project Mager (PMP certified). She has 7 years of experience in facilitating and supporting research and innovation through project development, coordination and management, specialising in the biomedical and biological sciences sectors, and participating in projects involving NGOs, foundations, industry and academia.

Maria Pia Aristimuño